We all have billions and billions of Exosomes cells in our bodies, these are very small vesicles that are the brain or messenger of the stem cells that heal & regenerate. As we get older this number reduces very quickly, and our body loses its natural ability to heal and maintain optimal cellular function. This Exosome 5 billion dose IV therapy has the ability to heal on a cellular level in ways that we have not been able to, Exosome IV therapy is the way to go for non-invasive anti-aging treatments.
Benefits include:
  • Combat hair loss

  • Helps avoid surgery (exceptions may apply)

  • Optimize immune system

  • Compromised sexual performance

  • Helps with fine lines 

  • Stimulates collagen production

Please note, that different patients have unique responses to the treatment with some needing more Exosome cells than others for widespread repair or regeneration.