Laser Hair & Tattoo Removal



Laser Hair Removal


We only use the highest quality laser hair removal machine, so you can always be sure our treatments are safe and painless.


Say goodbye to embarrassing bumps, ingrowns, stubble and irritation. 

Say hello to the smooth skin you've always wanted!


Our machines were selected to remove hair quickly and painlessly, and to be effective on any skin tone. On average, 10 years of waxing costs thousands of $$$, while the average cost for laser hair removal is less than $1,000. 

As a trusted laser hair removal clinic in Puerto Vallarta we are dedicated to using laser hair removal methods that are effective, safe and affordable. At Renew, you will experience state-of-the-art technology, and service from knowledgeable and professional staff who will get the job done right. Our laser hair and tattoo removal is quick, affordable, and pain free.

We have three different lasers in our office, so we are able to provide the absolute best treatment based on your hair and skin type. Suggested treatments and the associated costs are shown on our website but the final cost may be different from the one booked depending on factors such as the removal location, density, and amount of hair. Our technicians are ready to consult with you to help decide the best course of action for the desired results. Book with confidence today!


Full Body Hair Removal

Hollywood Peel

Full Legs Hair Removal

Full Back Hair Removal

Touch Up Hair Removal

Hair Removal Small Area

Hair Removal Medium Area

Hair Removal Large Area